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The creamy cleansing emulsion cleanses mildly and gently, removes make-up and dirt particles and prepares the skin for the following care and live it deserves every day. Pure aloe vera juice prevents the skin from moisture loss. Apple juice gently removes dead skin cells. Coconut and sesame oil replenish the skin‘s lipids and protect the sensitive hydro-lipid balance. Leaves a smooth skin feeling.

Especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin. 

Bring the feeling of a treatment from B.WELL Garden to your home. Vivien and her team uses the SANTAVERDE products during the treatments. 

Apply in the morning and in the evening on wet face and gently massage. Afterwards rinse off with warm water. 

The objective of Santaverde natural skin care is to restore the skin’s natural equilibrium and to encourage it to regenerate itself. The Santaverde products unfold a particularly effective and lasting impact, if you apply a system of cleansing + toner + basic and special care. 

The focus is on your flexibility – about the year your skin is exposed to different influences, accordingly, your skin care needs can change.

active ingredients 

aloe vera juice

  • moisturizing
  • anti-inflammatory
  • stimulates cell regeneration

apple juice:

  • cell strengthening
  • stimulating
  • encourage the natural collagen production

coconut oil

  • strengthening
  • nutritious
  • elasticity promoting
  • moisturizing and preserving
  • cooling
  • caring
  • keeps the skin smooth

sesame oil

  • caring
  • regenerative