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bye sleepy eye

This is going to open up your eyes! In a blink of an eye these tapes will straighten your drooping eyelids. No surgical procedure, totally invisible and so easy to handle - that’s how you get back to a fresh and radiant look. 

  • contains 96 single-use tapes: 48x size S, 48x size M
  • immediate lifting effect
  • excellent skin tolerance
  • make-up can be applied
  • vegan and cruelty-free
  • made in Germany


  1. Your eyelid should be dry and clean 
  2. Carefully remove the tape from the foil and find the eyelid crease     
  3. Place the tape gently in the middle of the eyelid crease                                           
  4. Enjoy the result :)

You look fresher and more radiant in seconds! 


Contains no ingredients - purely mechanical action.