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Self-care products

At B.WELL Garden our goal is to provide beauty treatments and products for skincare and general wellbeing. We wanted to create natural beauty tools dedicated for self-care in order to feel balanced and beautiful in our own skin.

Self-care rituals allow us to nurture the connection between our skin and ourselves and help to bring the after treatment glow to our home. Our ultimate goal is to accentuate your inner beauty as we see beauty enclosed in every body, face and skin.



At B.WELL Garden we provide our customers a peaceful jungle to unwind from everyday stress by experiencing a relaxing treatment close to nature. With our curated products in our garden shop and garden bar we would like to inspire people to incorporate natural products and habits into their daily routine.


Bwell Garden


We want you to feel well in your skin! Book your transformative experience for both your inner and outer beauty. Choose from one of our signature classic treatments or go for an extraordinary enhanced facial.

All of our packages include a basic eyebrow shaping.

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