30 MIN OR 45 MIN


Hydrafacial® uses a unique Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin as no other treatment on the market. The patented technology easily extracts and removes impurities while delivering hydrating skin solutions and boosters deep in the dermis. We use the patented orginal device unlike most salons.

1. Exfoliation & Peeling
2. Extraction & Deep Cleansing
3. Hydration with antioxidants and vitamins
4. LED light therapy
+ Skin Boosters in Deluxe Treatment

Book your Hydrafacial® if you have one of these skin concerns:
- Oily + Congested Skin
- Fine Lines + Wrinkles
- Elasticity + Firmness
- Hyperpigmentation + Uneven skin tone

Signature Hydrafacial® EUR 159
Deluxe Hydrafacial® inkl. Booster Serum EUR 199


50 min / EUR 95

50‘ The Classic

Nurture your skin and soul with our 50’ classic facial.

In just under an hour, you’ll experience a comprehensive, personalized facial tailored to your skin’s needs, let it be combination, dry or oily. Soft extraction and microdermabrasion will be performed before the highlight of our facials: the relaxing aromatherapy and signature fresh aloe vera massage.

Basic eyebrow styling: Shaping your brows based on your features will frame and enhance the natural beauty of your face.

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70 MIN / 115 EUR

70‘ The Classic

Pick our customized 70’ treatment and enjoy the extended classic treatment with all the calming benefits.

After targeting your skin concerns (oily, dry or combination skin) there is enough time for in-depth extraction, microdermabrasion and for an anti-inflammatory and/or rejuvenating, anti-aging therapy based on your needs. After all these steps you will receive the extended signature aloe vera massage. Basic eyebrow styling: Shaping your brows based on your features will frame and enhance the natural beauty of your face. Waxing or tweezing included

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Relax, enjoy and take home the treatment glow. Learn how to use our skin toos while enjoying the treatment and get your White Jade Gua Sha or Face Cupping Set for home.

Bundle includes:

50´ The Classic Treatment + Gua Sha & Cupping Extra + Face Cupping Set or White Jade Gua Sha Skin Tool

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50 MIN / 95 EUR

50‘ The Relaxed Baby Mama

Surprise yourself with a little pampering before the most exciting journey of your life.

Whether you have pregnancy breakouts or just simply want your skin to be cared for, our pregnancy skin care package is carefully designed for soon-to-be moms. We will refrain from using electric current or potentially irritating skincare ingredients. This treatment is result oriented and addresses hormonal fluctuations, puffiness, dehydration and other common concerns experienced during pregnancy. Gentle extraction of blemishes will be followed by our amazing aromatherapy and fresh aloe vera massage. Basic eyebrow service: waxing and tweezing included.

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70 MIN/ 130 EUR

70‘ The Extraordinary

Escape the ordinary and spoil your skin with our 70’ enhanced facial.

Improve your skin tone and texture with high quality extracts, reduce dullness and fine lines with luxurious skincare products. We use exceptional skin care tools and the latest technology to resurface, lift and tighten the skin. In this treatment we will fight hyperpigmentation, signs of aging or acne scars with our concentrated serums that nourish your skin with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

At the end of the treatment enjoy our relaxing aromatherapy and aloe vera massage. Basic eyebrow styling included (waxing or tweezing).

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60 MIN / 105 EUR

The Perfect Match - Classic 50' + Skin Check 10´

Your skin is as unique as you are!

This service includes a complimentary consultation with one of our experts. She will determine your individual skin type, and skin condition, answer your questions and give you holistic advice to help you optimize your daily skin routine. The facial that follows is customized to your skin. After a gentle cleansing and microdermabrasion the highlights follow: the deep relaxing aromatherapy and fresh aloe vera massage . If you wish, we will also form your eyebrows.

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50 MIN / 95 EUR

Men's Facial

Our 50' The Classic - Made for Men.

We have tailored our Classic 50’ facial to effectively care for rougher, shaved, or bearded skin. Extraction and microdermabrasion will be performed to cleanse pores, including those under facial hair.

Finally, you will receive the highlight of our facials: our relaxing aromatherapy and signature fresh aloe vera massage.




Our skilled skin expert will massage your face with Gua Sha and/or Cupping based on your skin's needs. These ancient Chinese tools detoxify the skin as they work closely with the lymphatic system. Book this additionally to your treatment to relieve tension, improve blood circulation and lift the skin.

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Brows ‘n Lashes

Full but well groomed brows are an essential when it comes to bringing out your natural beauty. During facials we can create the most perfect shape your brows have ever been in by tweezing, waxing and tinting your brows with a customized eyebrow tint.

Basic eyebrow styling is included in each treatment, for extra perfection please choose from our tinting options.

Lash tinting 15 EUR
Brow tinting 15 EUR

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Add a HydroJelly® Mask to your facial to boost your results. A HydroJelly Mask is a booster mask that provides multiple benefits to your skin such as hydration, smoothing, moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliating and reducing inflammation.

You can choose together with your esthetician between different types of jelly mask according to your skin needs:




Neck & Décolleté Treatment

Skin care should not stop at your face. Let’s not forget about neck and décolleté area-your skin will be greatful for your attention.

Add our new Neck & Décolleté Treatment to your favorite facial and enjoy extra care and relaxation in this area of ​​your skin as well.

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meet your skin experts

We are one team and every one of us is here at B.WELL Garden to give you the most relaxing experience possible and to make you leave our beauty garden with a positive radiance. Our estheticians are carefully trained by Vivien and represent an extension of her spirit and hands.