Meet Vivien, Co-Founder

For the reasons why I have such a deep connection to the skin and its healing, I look back to my childhood. Reoccurring rashes, itching, irritations (neurodermitis, eczema) and small white spots on my skin were soothed by one thing, my touch. All these skin problems led to mental and physical struggles in my everyday life. I believe that all these challenges opened up the energy and knowledge in me which helped to find my passion and true profession.

Favourite Treatment to Perform
Use your Gua Sha as often as possible. This amazing self-care ritual can stimulate cell renewal and improves skin care product’s penetration. After a month you will see the real difference it makes.

Best Skincare Advice
Less is more. Clean your skin every day twice and please don't forget your SPF!

Meet Adél

I am on a mission to help you feel good in your skin and show you the way to self respect and self love. This is not a regular facial. It is a therapy.

Favourite Treatment to Perform
Deep - cleansing + Microdermabrasion. I really recommend it as this treatment reduces congestion and damages, leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenated.

Best Skincare Advice
Gentle peeling twice a week. It reduces hyperpigmentation, breakouts and signs of aging

Meet Cindy

Cindy has a very a deep knowledge of skincare products, various treatments and can always give you advice on anything skin-related. 

Favourite Treatment to Perform
Facial massage. It is an amazing way to treat deeper levels of the skin and manipulate the lymph and blood flow. Massage also increases elastin and collagen production and lifts the muscles.

Best Skincare Advice
Use facial massage at home with gua sha or cupping. It should be part of the daily routine along with a short meditation.

Meet Lena

Everyone carries their own beauty within themselves and can accentuate it by taking care of their body and soul.

Favourite Treatment to Perform
Deep skin cleansing. She is an expert of extractions, her treatments will leave your skin very clean and fresh.

Best Skincare Advice
Find the best skin care routine for your skin and also for your well-being and stick to it. It takes time until you see effects.

Science based approach

After finishing esthetics school with excellent scientifically based knowledge about the skin, our therapists go through an advanced training by Vivien. This training allows them to perfect their techniques and perform high quality treatments, which are meant to act as much more than just a simple facial. Our experts are always up to date with the latest discoveries in skin science and current trends.

Meet Enikö, Co-founder

Having worked for big beauty corporations in Switzerland and Austria, I felt the need to introduce a more natural and experience based approach to beauty. At B.WELL Garden we offer personalized services and products in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

Why I love our treatments and products

All of us needs to relax and take care of themselves on a regular basis. This should happen rather sooner than later as our body is going to show its needs even if our busy life doesn´t always want to listen. Self-care rituals can really help to calm down our busy mind and body.

Every now and than when I indulge in a treatment, I just love the calming aloe vera massage and the glow after the facial.

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