We are offering trainings designed for spas and estheticians. Vivien's Gua Sha & Cupping massage approach is very effective for the clients. This in-person class gives professionals the opportunity to learn all the steps of a Facial Gua Sha & Cupping Session.


Training plan:

✨Anatomy of the face

✨Practical benefits of Gua Sha & Cupping therapy

✨How to prep for the facial

✨All the steps of a full Facial Gua Sha and Cupping Session

✨Targeted Facial Gua Sha and Cupping Techniques (lymphatic drainage, lift, fine lines & wrinkles, plump lips)

✨How to design a personalized plan for each client

The approach of the training is very hands-on with the goal to be able to perform Gua Sha & Cupping facials right after the class. Everyone will get 1:1 practice with Vivien´s close attention and everyone will perform the full treatment and also receive one.

B.WELL Garden Gua Sha + B.WELL Garden Face & Body Cupping Set +  Face & Body Oil is included in the course. 

Price: €600 / person

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