Why everyone needs Aloe Vera at home

We believe at B.WELL Garden that Aloe Vera is the most versatile natural remedy for a number of skin problems.
10 benefits on your face and other body parts of this allrounder plant:    
Against Acne            
It can help combat acne. People with mild to moderate acne can benefit from using oral and local Aloe Vera products to treat their irritated skin. Due to the anti-inflammatory effects of aloe vera, the gel may help treat inflammatory forms of acne, such as pustules and nodules. Apply the gel with a cotton swab directly to the pimple three times daily.


Against Dark Spots

It can help fade dark spots and acne scars. Even if your acne isn’t a problem at the moment, those pesky scars can stick around for years. Aloe vera gel helps stimulate the production of collage  in the skin, which reduces the appearance of scarring.

Against Sunburns

It soothes sunburns. Aloe vera gel is known for its cooling, soothing properties, and it feels amazing on your skin when you’re suffering from a sunburn. 

Skin moisturizer

The plant contains a high number of mucopolysaccharides so it can help treat dry skin amazingly. Consider swapping out your regular moisturizer for aloe after bathing to help seal moisture into your skin.

Against cold sore

Cold sores develop on the outside of your mouth. The antiviral effects of aloe vera makes it a useful topical treatment to help with cold sores. Aloe vera may help treat the herpes virus too, which is also the underlying cause of cold sores. Apply a small amount of the gel to your cold sore twice daily until it goes away. 

Relief from psoriasis and eczema

Psoriasis and eczema can feel like an awful combination of a burn and a super itchy rash. Thankfully, aloe vera has been shown to both moisturize and soothe these trouble spots on your skin. As with eczema, aloe vera may help alleviate inflammation and itchiness from psoriasis. For best results, apply aloe vera gel twice daily to the affected area of skin.

Against puffiness 

It reduces puffiness and dark circles. The collagen-producing effects of aloe vera don’t just help with acne scars, they also reduce overall inflammation in the face and help with the production of new skin. This can make you look radiant and glowy.

Natural exfoliant

It’s a natural exfoliant. The salicylic acid in the plant helps get rid of dead skin cells and bad bacteria on your face. It’s lightly exfoliating and won’t rub your skin raw.

Small abrasions

If you’ve scuffed up your chin or forehead, you can apply aloe vera to the area for quick relief from pain and burning sensations. Use three times per day. 

Last but not least anti-aging effects

It may slow signs of aging. Science is still inconclusive on this one, but some studies of aloe vera have shown promising effects in its ability to increase skin elasticity over time. No wonder it’s a popular ingredient in many anti-wrinkle creams.

Source: B.WELL Garden and Healthline

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